3 audiorackmodules for Ableton Live 10 suite or standard version

This purchase includes three separate audioracks with macros.

The "BeatDisruptor
Selected controls and ranges from the Beatrepeat plug. Set up in my way.
Generates new rhythms from your rhythmic material
. Dry/Wet sets the balance between original and processed signal. ChaosChance defines the chance for chaos happening. ChaosGrid sets the repeat grid.

The "Gated Reverberator"
As the name points out, a gated reverb. It has a fixed release, attack, noisefloor and hold.
Adjust the Gate Treshold to suite your rhythmic content.
the Reverb decaytime to your taste. It has been limited to work for this type of effect. 

And The "InfilTRATOR"
Autofilter and a Noisegenerator. Dry/Wet balances the output of processed signal versus original. Add some Noize. This knob is a selector, that contains 4 different kind of noise in scaleable amount: White noise, Bit noise, Distortion/crunch and flanging.



Listen to the audio demos here: