Drum and mastering mixing tools for FL studio (producer or signature versions)
This purchase includes 15 channel presets (EQ and Compression set) for drum mixing, drummixbus settings, 2 multibanddevices (build in "patcher" suited for mastering, a mastering chain preset and 15 EQ presets.

4 band stereowidening
FL studio doesn´t have a multiband stereowidener - So I´ve build one in patcher, using only stock plugins. A really valuable tool for BIGGER mastering results. Parameters are all set and ready to go.

4 band compression
FL studio does only have a 3 band multicompressor, so I´ve build a 4-band one in patcher - using only stock plugins. The bands, threshold, attack and release are all set and ready to go specific for mastering purposes.

The separate Drumchannel presets
Set up with compression and EQ, ready to process your kicks, snares, hi hats, toms, percussion, loops and cymbals. Just load/drag´n´drop them on your mixerchannel, and you are all ready. Remember - presets are meant as a starting point. It´s  easy to tweak both EQ and compression to match your sound.

Mixbus preset
Using mixbusses is the way to mix properly. Adding overall EQ, compression and "glue" to your grouped tracks. Group all your drums and percussion together and add this mixerchannel state to your "mixbus". This strip is adjusted to perform great on a drumbus, but with some small EQ-tweaks - it can go along just fine on every other group-type.




For the channelstrips to work their best, you have to ensure that your audio have a proper level (set the level in the audio properties for each clip - or make a normalization. Otherwise, you will have to adjust the threshhold of the compressor in a nearly insane amount. The same goes for the level on mixbusses. The compressors threshold should be set, so that it makes a gainreduction of 2db.


The masterchain at work