Price: 9$ (USD)



55 presets for Soniccharge´s VSTi, Synplant. 100% organicly grown!

These days I don´t make a piece of music, without finding myself reaching out for the Synplant plugin at least 2, 3 or 4 times in the creative process. The fact, that each "branch" during the wheelscaling defines in different ways, makes the sound otherworldly living and organic in a way, that I haven´t heard any other synth being capable of.

This preset pack focuses on the part where Synplant excels the most: organic pads and leads, mesmerizing bells and keys, out of this world SFX - so if you are looking for basses and saws, then dial up your other synths. I have only programmed one bass for this volume - and that was just to have some low-end in the audiodemo.

Installation: Unzip and place the folder in
Mac: Macintosh HD/ Users/ [username]/ documents/ Sonic Charge / Synplant User Patches /

PC: My Computer/ Local disk (C:)/ Users / [your username] / documents / Sonic Charge / Synplant User Patches /


Audio demo here:

Synplant presets demo

All sounds are synplant presets from the softsound organic growth pack - except the drumtrack. No additional effects added.





Preset naming scheme:

OS = Other synths. Synthsounds that doesn´t go under any other categories.
BS = Bass. There´s only one of these.
KB = Keyboard-type sounds.
LD = Lead-type sounds.
ORG = Organs
PAD = Synthpads. Long attack and long releasetime.
PLT = Pluck-type sounds and bells
SFX = Sound effects
SSC = Soundscape and ambiences


Some of the presets, are having a great deal of reverb on - just turn the "effect" slider down to taste :-)