For your next media production (movie, game, theater, etc). Royalty free background ambiences!

This samplepack specializes in an open ended approach to Ambiences and Soundscapes, allowing several layers of ambiences and rhythmic patterns to be combined in any unique way you may wish.

It contains 8 different soundscapes (+2 additional with drums allready added), all between 3-11 minutes long and Prepared to loop seamlessly in eternity, and composed with a truly low-pulse estaetic timing.

Price: 15$ (USD)

Furthermore, 6 different rythmic buildup (between 16 and 40 bars, wardrums and big drums) completes the dramatic background for your next movie, game, documentary, exhibition or animation. All of the ambiences can be combined with the rythmic tracks. Both the rythmic content and the ambiences can be chopped, timestreched, cut and edited as you like. And of course: you can just add soundeffects and other musical content along the way.

This pack can be used royalty free.

See: List of content

Listen to the demo here:

 (used in demo 1: Ambience "Somewhere in the galaxy", Ambience "Dark Wastelands" and Big Drums - Drums of War 4)